Martin R. - Germany November 14 2019

Martin R. - Germany

Hi there, I was on the hunt now for over six months and could not decide whether to buy a new or used board. Unchecked your store a couple of ones but was not able to say I want a board by then. In the end, it was a matter of ecological thinking to not buy a new board but a used one but then there is always the quality problem of buying used goods on the internet. The way you do it, with extremely detailed videos and a super friendly, receptive customer service via email made the decision quite easy. Mathieu has me a Real good feeling about trusting him/you with my money and the success of my next surfing holiday. Because that’s what’s at stake here if the quality is not what is promised you can fuck up the trip of your life so it’s a huge trust issue here and you guys made it feel like a game of playing ball with your friends. So thank you a lot and cheers Martin