Line up Webstore / Terms and Conditions


  1. The customer clearly understands that returns are not accepted for second-hand equipment.
  2. The customer confirms that they are aware of the condition of the product they are purchasing, accepting that it may show signs of previous use, minor damage, or repairs.
  3. We provide the customer with detailed information about any significant repairs done by our professional repair workshop, and we illustrate the current condition of the equipment with photos and/or videos.
  4. The customer is aware that the equipment may have additional minor damage or wear that may not be clearly visible in the photos and videos. It is the customer's responsibility to request and receive sufficient visual documentation to fully understand the condition of the product they are interested in.
  5. The customer acknowledges that, as a second-hand product, the item they will receive may not be perfect and may slightly differ from the impression formed from the photos and videos.
  6. At Line Up, we highly value our customers and maintain open and honest communication about the condition of the equipment we sell. We always make a sincere effort to provide the most accurate product descriptions.
  7. At the time of purchase, the customer is fully aware of these terms and agrees to the general condition of the product, accepting that the item(s) are sold as-is. No refunds will be given upon receipt of the equipment (*exceptions are outlined in Expedition Conditions).
  8. 8. Items purchased will be shipped promptly once payment is received.
  9. Manufacturer warranty claims can still be made through Line Up. If the second-hand product later presents a manufacturer defect, the customer can file a warranty claim. The customer must send images of the defect, photos, videos, and the serial number. Line Up will then submit the warranty claim to the manufacturer who will determine if the claim is valid and what action should be taken.


  1. Please note that returns of second-hand products are not permitted.
  2. In the event of receiving a damaged or opened package, it is imperative that the delivery agent is notified immediately.
  3. We strongly encourage customers to inspect their products upon receipt in the presence of the delivery agent. This ensures any unexpected transport-related damage can be addressed immediately.
  4. In instances where the package appears damaged or opened upon arrival, customers are required to document this by taking photographs of the box and its contents, noting the date and time of delivery.
  5. Any claim related to transport must be lodged on the same day as delivery. Any claims not made immediately after receipt of the package will not be considered valid. Provided the claim is reported and filed promptly, the transport insurance should cover the damages.
  6. Please be aware that no damage-related issues will be considered without a corresponding transport claim.
  7. In the case of minor damages, we will compensate the customer for the cost of repairs. The invoice for such repairs should be addressed to LINE UP WATERSPOTS SL, CORRALEJO, SPAIN, B76335116.
  8. If the damages are significant, we may negotiate a new deal, including partial refunds to the customer. Only in the case of severe damages, if the customer desires a full refund, they will need to return the product at their own expense. The refund will be processed upon receipt of the returned product.
  9. If the product is lost or completely destroyed during transport, a full refund will be provided.
  10. These terms are applicable only if the claim is lodged on the same day as delivery, via email, accompanied by clear pictures/videos illustrating the damages from various perspectives, including close-ups and wider shots that show the entire product.
  11. Delivery times are at the discretion of the transport company. The estimated transport times we provide are subject to change by the transport company.
  12. Please note that Line Up cannot be held responsible for any delivery delays.
  13. In general, transport times are adhered to, and goods typically arrive in perfect condition (please refer to our testimonials for confirmation).