Clients Testimonials

Eliseo rozas Spain

  Eliseo rozas Spain October 14 2020

Excellent price / quality ratio of the productclient for 3 years or moreExtremely probable will buy any of our products again

Delourme  France

  Delourme France October 14 2020

Très sérieux. Très réactif. Un bon plan !

Verloigne G -  Belgium

  Verloigne G - Belgium October 02 2020

Very satisfied, Good value for money. Very accurate images of products. This is my first purchase, I probably repeat.

Alain · France

  Alain · France October 01 2020

Very satisfied with my purchase. Good value for money. The pics and videos are Just correct. This is my first purchase, Very likely. Très satisfait!

Gwenn · Belgium

  Gwenn · Belgium October 01 2020

Very satisfied with your purchase? Good value for money. 100% accurate videos and pictures Excellent the price / quality ratio of the product been a client from more than 3 years. Friendly, very helpful, exact description of the product, good follow through to delivery. Very satisfied!

Alberto - Spain

  Alberto - Spain October 01 2020

Communication between shop and client is good. Photos and videos give an accurate description of the products. Fast answer to after-sales enquiries

James - Spain

  James - Spain September 28 2020

Good value for money, Very accurate videos of products. Extremely receptive staff.

Freek Kolenberg - Portugal

  Freek Kolenberg - Portugal September 28 2020

Extremely receptive staff. Been a client for 3 years or more I have purchased a sup, kiteboarding and surfboard before. Products are top of the line for a good discount. You have a very good impression of the board before you buy it so it’s very reliable. The people at line up are very friendly and quick on reply. I always keep a look out for good deals on almost...

Jean marc

  Jean marc September 28 2020

High quality. Very accurate images of the products. Extremely receptive staff. This is my first purchase, Extremely probable to repeat. Conforme a la description envoie tres rapide

Bart Buitenhuis - Netherlands

  Bart Buitenhuis - Netherlands September 28 2020

 Very satisfied, Good value for money Above average. Great website with great info and images about the products being sold. Staff is very helpful in the store but also online by answering your questions. Very satisfied with the service and products! Keep it up guys! 

David Reyes, España

  David Reyes, España September 25 2020

Very satisfied, 100% accurate images and videos of the product Very receptive staff. This is my first purchase, Extremely probable to repeat. Very easy the whole process, always in contact with me and honest with the product and its current state with photos and videos, easy, fast and friendly, very recommendable.

Luisjo casal - España

  Luisjo casal - España September 25 2020

Muy satisfecho con al compra, Alta calidad de productos. Muy buena atención aún en la situación en la que nos encontramos y en la época del verano en que fue que estaban en temporada alta

Flo France

  Flo France September 25 2020

Very satisfied, Good value for money. / quality ratio of the product, its Excellent. This is my first purchase, very likely to repeat Todo bien! 

Afonso Themudo - Portugal

  Afonso Themudo - Portugal February 12 2020

Reliable (s) and 100% accurate images, above-average price / quality ratio Extremely receptive, Extremely probable will buy products again

Carlos Rodriguez / El Medano, Tenerife

  Carlos Rodriguez / El Medano, Tenerife February 11 2020

Very satisfied with my purchase. Good value for money. My experience was great and fast, nothing to complain about.

Mario Weber, Germany

  Mario Weber, Germany February 03 2020

Super satisfied with the board. Always quick response to my questions. Accurate description of the state of the board. Fast delivery. Good value for money, I´ll probably will buy again at that place.

David - España

  David - España January 15 2020

Everything perfect as Always ☺️3 years or more as a clientHigh quality / Very satisfied

Manuela from Germany

  Manuela from Germany December 19 2019

Good value for money, Extremely receptive, mega nice and patient sales consulting, million Txs Mathieu

Olivier M. - France

  Olivier M. - France December 19 2019

J'ai apprécié de pouvoir communiquer en français.Le service est très professionnel,et très réactif.Le colis est arrivé 10 jours après,très bien emballé.Merci et à bientôt

James B. - UK

  James B. - UK December 17 2019

The quality of the product compared to the images and videos we send u before purchase? Just correct. Service was good, the kite had some scuffs that are close to being holes, which was disappointing for the money spent


  VILIUS P. - LITHUANIA December 02 2019

Very satisfied with my purchase! 100% accurate videos and images of the video, been a client for 3 years or more. Good job guys!

Martin R. - Germany

  Martin R. - Germany November 14 2019

Hi there, I was on the hunt now for over six months and could not decide whether to buy a new or used board. Unchecked your store a couple of ones but was not able to say I want a board by then. In the end, it was a matter of ecological thinking to not buy a new board but a used one but then there is always the quality...

Paolo Severi - Italy

  Paolo Severi - Italy October 31 2019

Paolo Severi - Italy

  Paolo Severi - Italy October 31 2019

Very satisfied, Above average quality productsThis is my first purchase, Very likely to purchase againVery professional and Fast webstore staff

Joris jaspars - Nederland

  Joris jaspars - Nederland October 31 2019

Very satisfied
 / Very accurate
 Above average
 / price / quality ratio of the product been client for more than 3 years or more
 Very likely will buy any of our products again Good service and quality

Marco Antonio Serrano Viriot

  Marco Antonio Serrano Viriot October 31 2019

Very satisfied, Good value products

Guschlbauer - France

  Guschlbauer - France September 23 2019

In general, Very satisfied, I have been a client for 3 years or more

Floch France

  Floch France September 02 2019

  with your purchase? Very satisfied Good value for money PERFECT !

Lara Bauer, Germany

  Lara Bauer, Germany August 22 2019

Somewhat satisfied Something probable to buy again

Christian, Germany

  Christian, Germany August 16 2019

The products are great and the service was just perfect Very satisfied, High quality

Alexander Eichentopf - France

  Alexander Eichentopf - France July 25 2019

Very satisfied High quality Very positive overall but the only negative point is that it was promised to remove the hexagon and to put in some fins. Both did not happen.


  BENOOTT France July 22 2019

Très satisfait Ceci est mon premier achat, très susceptible d’acheter à nouveau Merci pour la réactivité

Borut Slovenia

  Borut Slovenia July 04 2019

Good value for money Excellent service

Roman España

  Roman España July 04 2019

Excelent comunication. I know them from rental boards and my experience shopping is great with them.

Ohl - Switzerland

  Ohl - Switzerland May 20 2019

Extremely receptive. How would you rate the price/quality ratio of the product? Excellent / Very accurate videos

Thierry - France

  Thierry - France May 20 2019

parfaite transaction , la planche est excatement comme sur les photos, le dialogue par mail en français tres pro et reactif. Un emballage de la planche au top. Je recommande vivevement LINEUP WEBSTORE. merci pour tout et surement a une prochaine fois.

Besancon - France

  Besancon - France April 25 2019

  Very satisfied with purchase. High quality product, 100% accurate videos .Very Nice transaction and good communication! And great product! Thank you!

Jan Z. - Germany

  Jan Z. - Germany April 16 2019

Customer-friendly, got an answer t all my questions, good consultations with the lineup surfshop, good price

Veronika - Germany

  Veronika - Germany April 16 2019

Very satisfied with the purchase, Good value for moneyVery fast in answering my questions, took my concerns very seriously, great product advice (Mathieu recommended me another unit of the same model I had asked for because it was in better shape)accurate pictures, best price I could find! Delivery takes some time, but Mathieu always followed up with news in the shipping! I will buy again from the shop!

Antoine france

  Antoine france April 04 2019

Very satisfied with my purchase. High-quality products
100% accurate video of state of product
This is my first purchase and I will repeat

Bouvier france

  Bouvier france March 12 2019

Very satisfied - Good value for money - Very accurate videos and pictures...

Martin, Austria

  Martin, Austria January 30 2019

Very good price / performance ratio. friendly and always quick answers to questions by email. Absolutely recommended, gladly again

Martyn Bazen

  Martyn Bazen December 24 2018

100% accurate
, Good value for money
, Very satisfied
 Mathieu has been great, very professional and quick to respond to questions. The photos and videos of kites are a great help.

Miguel M. P.  -  España

  Miguel M. P. - España December 19 2018

Muy Satisfecho, Productos de Alta calidad - los Videos fueron 100% precisos - Excelente servicio

Bart B. -Netherlands

  Bart B. -Netherlands December 07 2018

Very satisfied, Good value for moneyBought my first kitesurf gear with Line up and the staff is extremely helpful and always responding quickly to my emails and questions. Price compared to quality is very high and a lot of variety in different products.

José Martins - PORTUGAL

  José Martins - PORTUGAL November 27 2018

Very satisfied / Good value for money. Did not expect a so good packaging. Product seams like new.

Peter - Germany

  Peter - Germany November 20 2018

Very accurate images and videos sent - Very good second hand gear! Very likely i would buy again in your webstore

Christophe Germany

  Christophe Germany November 16 2018

I want to tell you my story about how I got my „Go Fish Surfboard“ :-) At first i have to say that the team (Manu and Mathieu) are extremely helpful in every situation (giving information about the board and helping with problems) I ordered my board 3 weeks before my trip to Bali and Mathieu send it out on the same day (I saw the mail) after 16 days...