Clients Testimonials

Ohl - Switzerland  Ohl - Switzerland May 20 2019

Extremely receptive. How would you rate the price/quality ratio of the product? Excellent / Very accurate videos

Thierry - France  Thierry - France May 20 2019

parfaite transaction , la planche est excatement comme sur les photos, le dialogue par mail en français tres pro et reactif. Un emballage de la planche au top. Je recommande vivevement LINEUP WEBSTORE. merci pour tout et surement a une prochaine fois.

Besancon - France  Besancon - France April 25 2019

  Very satisfied with purchase. High quality product, 100% accurate videos .Very Nice transaction and good communication! And great product! Thank you!

Jan Z. - Germany  Jan Z. - Germany April 16 2019

Customer-friendly, got an answer t all my questions, good consultations with the lineup surfshop, good price

Veronika - Germany  Veronika - Germany April 16 2019

Very satisfied with the purchase, Good value for moneyVery fast in answering my questions, took my concerns very seriously, great product advice (Mathieu recommended me another unit of the same model I had asked for because it was in better shape)accurate pictures, best price I could find! Delivery takes some time, but Mathieu always followed up with news in the shipping! I will buy again from the shop!

Antoine france  Antoine france April 04 2019

Very satisfied with my purchase. High-quality products
100% accurate video of state of product
This is my first purchase and I will repeat

Bouvier france  Bouvier france March 12 2019

Very satisfied - Good value for money - Very accurate videos and pictures...

Martin, Austria  Martin, Austria January 30 2019

Very good price / performance ratio. friendly and always quick answers to questions by email. Absolutely recommended, gladly again

Martyn Bazen  Martyn Bazen December 24 2018

100% accurate
, Good value for money
, Very satisfied
 Mathieu has been great, very professional and quick to respond to questions. The photos and videos of kites are a great help.

Miguel M. P.  -  España  Miguel M. P. - España December 19 2018

Muy Satisfecho, Productos de Alta calidad - los Videos fueron 100% precisos - Excelente servicio

Bart B. -Netherlands  Bart B. -Netherlands December 07 2018

Very satisfied, Good value for moneyBought my first kitesurf gear with Line up and the staff is extremely helpful and always responding quickly to my emails and questions. Price compared to quality is very high and a lot of variety in different products.

José Martins - PORTUGAL  José Martins - PORTUGAL November 27 2018

Very satisfied / Good value for money. Did not expect a so good packaging. Product seams like new.

Peter - Germany  Peter - Germany November 20 2018

Very accurate images and videos sent - Very good second hand gear! Very likely i would buy again in your webstore

Christophe Germany  Christophe Germany November 16 2018

I want to tell you my story about how I got my „Go Fish Surfboard“ :-) At first i have to say that the team (Manu and Mathieu) are extremely helpful in every situation (giving information about the board and helping with problems) I ordered my board 3 weeks before my trip to Bali and Mathieu send it out on the same day (I saw the mail) after 16 days...

Iñaki, SPAIN  Iñaki, SPAIN November 09 2018

This is my first purchase, Very likely to purchase again, As shown in photos and videos, Thanks to Mathieu

Fabio Altamura Naples Italy  Fabio Altamura Naples Italy October 01 2018

High quality second hand products, This is my first purchase, Very likelyto purchase again

Paco Spain  Paco Spain September 17 2018

High quality second hand products, Extremely receptive staff, more than 3 years been a Lineupwebstore, Extremely probable I will purchase again!


100% accurate compared to videos sent. Excellent quality ratio, Reliable webstore

Sebastian -Germany  Sebastian -Germany September 11 2018

Good value for money, Mathieu was amazing

Miguel, Canarias, España  Miguel, Canarias, España September 05 2018

100% accurate video and pictures compared to final product Good products but a little bit expensive

Simone R. Italy  Simone R. Italy September 03 2018

Good value for money, This is my first purchase. Very likely I will buy any of your products again, yes. I've found really slow the delivery. Could be fine if you find a faster way to send material.

Thomas De somer Belgium  Thomas De somer Belgium July 09 2018

Good value for money, good overall service

Will, British living in Canaries  Will, British living in Canaries June 20 2018

Nina was very helpful over email and her correspondence with Manu to put a package together was very quick and responsive! Staff in shop very friendly and informative about all the equipment and full of useful hints and tips. For sure will be back!

Franchesco  Franchesco June 15 2018

Buenas noticias en mi cumpleaños!  Estoy feliz y agradecido por su profesionalismo y atención.  Seguiré el paquete a través del sitio provisto y, tan pronto como se reciba, le daré la comunicación. Gracias de nuevo, que tengas un buen día y nos vemos la próxima vez. extremely satisfying, professional and pleasant.