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Do you want to have the freedom to practice e-foil as many times as you want? …or maybe start your own electric foil venture in the Canary Islands, we will not stop sharing this exciting stoke and this prestigious brand, get in touch with us to make your electric dream come true. We are Oficial Lift retailers.


Lift eFoils are built in highly refined steel tools used to forge carbon fiber parts at extreme temperatures and heat, providing a unique marbled carbon fiber that is lighter and stronger than other eFoils.

Lift has 10 years of exprience in hydrofoil wing design makes all the difference - each eFoil has a wide mix-and-match selection of options to help you achieve the ideal ride when optimizing for performance, stability, and environment for Canarian conditions.

The shape of the wing changes the eFoil riding experience in Canary Islands, and we also offer a wide selection of dynamic wings, selling them separetly for all types of eFoil experiences.


Create a unique water sports venture that will give you income in a short time, or simple buy your self this glide machine to enjoy canarian pristine waters with your friends and family.

  • Ideal for Canarian never ending summer
  • Up to 30 / mph
  • More than 100 minutes free ride

Invest in Foil, a sport that is growing exponentially, especially in its electric variety, where a very small learning curve is guaranteed, and fun is guaranteed.

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