Wing Surfing July 27 2020

Wing Surfing This year has been different from everything we expect, we are sure of that. What it teaches us is to always be ready for change. Board athletes have always been quite traditional in terms of novelties, but our scene has brought constant and innovative changes, the industry mutates and is renewed decade after decade. From the first years of Kitesurfing, the appearance of foil revolutionized those days without wind, I think perhaps the boom in stand up paddle slowed down a bit. When we already believed that it was not going to see more important changes, the WING SURF appears on the scene, the days of little wind will no longer be what they will be, this new form of water sliding becomes increasingly addictive. In combination with hydrofoil the options are unlimited, no matter the size of the swell, with the least the Foil allows a guaranteed fun, with respect to the wind the same thing happens, the combination of kitesurfing and windsurfing, gives birth to wing-surf a hybrid that promises to take center stage to all disciplines, due to its easy assembly, versatility and a fairly flat learning curve. If you want to immerse yourself in this sport, we have everything you need to put together your wing foil quiver