Second Hand Firewire Surfboards

Second Hand Firewire Surfboards

In the market of second-hand surfboards, in my opinion, those of epoxy construction stand out due to their durability and resale power. In recent years Firewire has managed to overcome its cult surfboard niche for a very limited audience that sought durability, lightness and exclusive design. It has managed to scale to a more varied audience of surfers who value quality materials but at the same time seek performance and good performance in quality waves.

All this was possible I think with the inclusion of Trendy and performance models as Slater designs, Tomo Surfboards, and Machado. Of Course Mannkine a well knows Firewire collaborator.

We have a big range of Used Firewire Surfboards 

They began to attract the attention of the youngest surfers and that perhaps they are more aware of the changes in forms and performance that the new shapers are bringing to the lineup in the major surf cities.

Our Procenter in Fuerteventura has been providing the possibility to test the new models of Firewire surfboards that are being launched year after year, and through our webstore make available to any European surfer second-hand Firewire surfboards at affordable prices and with a very acceptable general condition and pre-checked by our resale team.

The second-hand surfboards we sell travel from the Canary Islands to all corners of Europe. European surfers buy second-hand surfboards in our webstore since we have many models that are difficult to find in the second-hand surfboard market due to its success