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PPC Foiling 1 degree Board Shim

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PPC foiling has designed an easy-to-use board shim which sits between the base of the foil mast and your board.

Have you ever had that annoying front or back foot pressure while riding? Maybe you changed foil brands or board, you may have experienced a change in how your set up feels.

This is an easy and cost-effective solution to improve the overall performance and feel of your foil + board set up.

With each 1 degree shim you can adjust the foil to board angel and lessen or even eliminate that ‘front foot’ or ‘rear foot’ pressure - depending on how you assemble.

PCC team rider Josh Armit uses 2 shims for a total of 2 degree adjustment when wing foiling at higher speeds (30+ kts)

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    PPC Foiling 1 degree Board Shim

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