Our goal is to establish a reputation for delivering top-notch products and exceptional services. We’re committed to innovation, elevating the watersport center experience to new heights. We aim to seamlessly integrate the timeless watersport spirit with a modern, tech-driven approach, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable customer experience through the use of cutting-edge tools. LINE UP serves as a dynamic gateway to the latest advancements in the watersports industry, conveniently brought to you right at the beach.


Our dedicated professional staff is here to guide you in booking courses, selecting the ideal gear for rental or purchase, and uncovering the finest spots in Fuerteventura. Comprising passionate and devoted watersports enthusiasts, our team at LINE UP embraces a professional challenge, striving to strike the perfect balance and fully immerse themselves in the vibrant watersport lifestyle of Fuerteventura.


Plan a Visit to the LINE UP Test Center in Corralejo, where we're fully equipped to meet all your needs and enhance your enjoyment of a diverse range of sporting activities using top-tier equipment during your time on the island. Our strategically located center on the outskirts of Corralejo ensures convenient access to collect your equipment swiftly on your way to the beach.