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kite only price new 1140 euros


Time of traveling depends on how fast our bank account is credited, money must arrive 24h before departure from line up every Friday to reach boat leaving every Wednesday from Gran canaria, It arrives in Spain 24h later and will be ready to travel to destination about 24h later. Depending on Zone European deliveries happens between 2 and 10 days. usually the all transport takes around 10 days from Line-up. Line up is not responsible for transport over delayed, however we will follow with the transport company any anormal delays untill problem solved. Please read carefully expedition conditions. if expedition broken or lost , you can stand by a full refund

Shipping Costs / Zones

CEE Zona 1: GERMANY, AUSTRIA, ITALY, FRANCE, BELGIUM, LUXEMBOURG, THE NETHERLANDS, PORTUGAL, SWITZERLAND*(TAXES ON CLIENTS) CEE Zone 2: IRELAND, U.K. AND GREECE. CEE Zone 3: BALEARES, SCANDINAVIAN COUNTRIES, EASTERN EUROPE AND TURKEY. Please note that for European Union (EU) ZONE: All taxes and transport fees are included in the invoice, no additional cost are added upon delivery. For NON-European Union (EU) ZONE: Customs taxes are due to be paid by the client upon delivery.

Don't forget to add accessories from our Outlet ( Boardbags, leash, harness, fins, pump...) we have excellent 2nd articles in great state at crazy prices... add them in your box for no extra cost on transport.

It is possible to make a box with few accessories. But in terms of transport cost its rarely relevant to send just 1 accessory. All prices are indicative per article, the final price will appear on your pro forma invoice based on this provisional prices.
If your order several product together, the transport cost will NOT be the addition of the difference provisional prices above. A new price will be calculated according to volume and weight of your box.

We will adjust the price in your interest as much as possible. for example : 1 kite + 1 twin tip for Spain will NOT be 35 + 30= 65 but most probably around 50€.
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